HAIMA Automobile, a leading Chinese automaker, today showcased two of its globally most successful passenger vehicles – 7X and 8S – at the Auto Expo 2020. Haima has neither set the specific deadline for the launch
of these two globally successful passenger vehicles nor closed in on any price points
for the models specific to the Indian market. The company said as part of the
an announcement that it is currently studying the auto market in India and would soon
firm up its future plans for the Indian market.
While Haima 8S is a 5-seater SUV supported by a 1.6-litre T-GDI engine, Haima 7X is a
7-seater MPV featuring the same engine-gearbox combination as that of the 8S SUV.
“Innovation is a key pillar of HAIMA’s business strategy in India. This is reflected by a
clear product strategy to enter the Indian market with its new avant-garde brand
image with product offerings that showcase cutting edge technology. I am
confident that HAIMA will continue its innovation journey in India, developing
products that shape the future of India’s automobile transformation” added Mr.
Williams Dong, GM, Haima Automobile International Corporation.
Haima Group owns three major industrial sectors – Automobile, Financial holdings and
Real estate, with total assets of more than RMB 40 billion and accumulative tax
payment of over RMB 30 billion. The total number of employees is over 40,000. Over
30 years since its establishment, Haima Group has produced more than 2 million
vehicles, issued loans with the amount exceeds RMB 50 billion, and built houses with
the accumulative area more than 2 million square meters, ranking among the top 500
private enterprises and the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China for 17
consecutive years.
Haima Automobile Group (“Haima” for short) is a leading Chinese auto manufacturer,
established in 1988 and as one of the main business sectors of Haima Group, has 32
years automobile manufacturing experience. Haima had cooperated with Mazda from
1992 to 2006 and has now developed into a modern automobile group integrating
R&D, production, sales, service, logistics, financial business, etc. 32 years historical
accumulation has provided a deep foundation for the development of Haima
automobile. With the rapid and vigorous development of Chinese automobile market,
Haima today has accumulated abundant and advanced technical experience. In the
future, Haima will continue to focus on “Category Strategy, Case Soul” and commit to
the transformation from traditional fuel vehicles to energy-saving, environmental
protection and intelligent Internet-connected vehicles, so as to bring customers a
brand-new driving and travelling experience.
As one of the pioneers of Chinese automobile brands, Haima started its international
strategy in 2006. Up to now, Haima has completed the layout of more than 20
countries, such as Eastern Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa,
Southeast Asia, and built KD factories in Russia and the Middle East, an initial global
sales network and after-sales service system have been established. In Southeast Asia,
Haima F7 broke the monopoly of Japanese and South Korean automobile brands and
won the best MPV award. In the Middle East, Haima S7 was rated as the highest quality
SUV model among Chinese brands. In South America and North Africa, Haima2 and
M3 series cars won the annual sales champion among Chinese brands. At present, the
international development mode of Haima has been upgraded from traditional trade
output to technology output, capital-output and brand output. Haima now with
continuous breakthroughs in overseas sales, continuous improvement in quality and
significant improvement in customers’ satisfaction, is showing a new image of “Made
in China”.
India, one of the most promising auto markets in the world, is also an important long-term strategic market of Haima. Haima firmly believes that Chinese automobile brands
like Haima can fully meet the needs of the development of the Indian automobile
industry.At this stage, Haima is stepping up its investigation and research on the Indian
market. On the one hand, Haima hopes to use its technological reserves in the auto
field to help upgrade the Indian auto industry. On the other hand, Haima plans to use
its EV products with highly efficient integration technology of battery, motor and
electric control system to respond to the policy call of the Indian government to
strongly encourage and support the development of their EV industry.
The three models Haima 7x, 8s and E1 showed at AUTO EXPO INDIA 2020 are all brand new products developed and designed with the world’s top technology. Haima 7X MPV,
which is the first right-hand-drive model of Haima Auto and is more suitable to
multiperson household and can meet the multi-scene demands. Haima 8S is the latest
technologic masterpiece product of “HAIMA BOOST BLUE”, it’s oriented as “Highpower intelligent SUV”, with 0-100km/h acceleration time at 7.8s, The 1.6TGDI engine
installed thereon was listed in the 2019 China’s Top 10 Engines. As an electric vehicle
of all-new vitality built elaborately by Haima New Energy for short-distance family
travels, E1 is equipped with high-energy ternary lithium battery and high-efficiency
battery, motor, and electronic control system to integrate high safety, environmental-friendliness, technology, and fashion and realize high economy, practicability, space,
and intelligence, with the power consumption merely at INR 60 per 100km. We hope
that Haima automobile is not only a high-quality vehicle but also can provide Indian
consumers with more colourful life experience.
At present, Haima Automobile and Bird Electric have reached an initial cooperation
intention in the field of new energy vehicles. Both sides are making detailed work plans
for plant construction, sales and after-sales service system establishment and
localization promotion. At the same time, Haima is seeking cooperation opportunities
in the field of traditional fuel vehicles. Haima hopes to deepen cooperation and build a
strategic alliance with Indian partners. The products of Haima will be launched in
the Indian market as soon as possible. Haima firmly believes that the Indian market will be the
important base for the global development strategy of Haima


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